shahbaz sharif sports complex:

shahbaz sharif sports complex
Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex is one of the largest sports complexes in Pakistan, it is located in the town of Portland, near Sialkot. It has a swimming pool (5 lanes), a basketball court (2 lanes) and an indoor tennis court. The complex was established in 1976 to host some international Pakistani swimming competitions including the Olympic trials and also hosted swimming competitions during the Asian Games held in Islamabad in 1982.
The complex was built by the late President Zia-ul-Haq and was opened by him on October 9, 1983, with a ceremony presided over by then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex held its first-ever International Women’s Hockey Federation World Cup competition (women’s hockey) on October 16, 1985. The competition was organized on behalf of FIH and FIH World Championships for Women from 1985 to 2008. These years were also important for Pakistan as we started to host major sports events such as Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Beach Games, and Asian Gymnastics Championships as well as many future Olympic games including the 1999 Commonwealth Games which was also Pakistan’s first-ever gold medal in any sport at any level for a non-Asian country.
Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex hosts various international events including:
• 2015 Womens’ Hockey World Cup
• 2012 England Cricket 37th ODI Match played between England & Pakistan at Portlaice Stadium
• 2012 France Rugby Union European Championship – Portugal v France played at Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex
• 2012 England Cricket 37th ODI match played between English & Pakistan at Portlaice Stadium
• 2012 France Rugby Union European Championship – Portugal v France played at Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex
• 2011 English Cricket 37th ODI match played between India & Pakistan played at Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex
• 2010 French Rugby Union European Championship – Netherlands v France played at Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex
shahbaz sharif sports complex
The complex hosted various international tournaments such as the 2008 Chinese Taipei Olympic Team Training Camp held on September 22–29, 2008 in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics held from August 24 – September 4, 2008, in Beijing China. This training camp included top Chinese athletes such as Sun Yang, Huang Bo, and Zhu Xinyun who all prepared for their fighting career that would begin a few weeks later during the Olympics. This training camp also saw great preparation for other athletes participating during the Olympics like Sun Yang who became China’s flag bearer during
Sports Complexes in Karachi and Multan have played a critical role in the development of sports culture in Pakistan. Sports Complexes are one of the main components of sports culture. The Sports Complexes have contributed significantly to the growing number of sports enthusiasts in Pakistan and they have also helped shape national identity.
Sports Complexes are not static, they are dynamic and multi-functional structures. Their key role is as an educational institution that plays an important part in the cultural, recreational, social, and economic life of a city or a region. In some instances, Sports Complexes are also used as a venue for public events such as music concerts, fundraising events, and other social activities.
Sports Complexes are considered a local equivalent to the National Stadium (Sports Complex) or International Cricket Stadium (ICC Stadium) which is present in every major city across the world. However, there are still many who believe that Karachi’s sports complex should be named after Pakistan’s most successful cricketer Imran Khan rather than its current namesake Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex. But this is unfair because Shahbaz Sharif was only one among several cricketers who changed Pakistani cricket forever through his contributions to the game on the field of play; while Imran Khan’s contributions were more legendary than his own batting prowess.
The reason behind this bias against Imran Khan is that he was only a short-term player who might be remembered for his superlative off-spin bowling but isn’t considered as one of cricket’s greatest players ever. On top of this, we must also mention that Imran Khan had revealed his personal rivalry with many retired cricketers including Asif Iqbal and Saleem Yousuf while he was playing for Pakistan A team during their tour to England earlier this year. This lack of respect towards him by some cricketers might be another reason why Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex should be named after him rather than Imran Khan.
shahbaz sharif sports complex
But there still isn’t much infrastructure available for sports fans living in Karachi so it is said that we need to search for our own stadiums. And yet, it would not be fair to name them after people who no longer play cricket or football because there has been little development over the past few decades and many facilities at these stadiums were built decades ago with public money – for example, during Ghulam Muhammad Government (1947–1957). A list of these stadiums can be found here, although

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Bahawalpur is a town in the Rajanpur district of Punjab province, Pakistan. It is located at 34°51’0N 73°4’0E with an altitude of 856 meters (2,966 ft). The population of the town is around 25,000.[1] The town has the oldest stadium in Pakistan. The stadium was built by Pakistani national cricketer Shahbaz Sharif who was a batsman and captain of the Pakistan cricket team. In 1990, the stadium was washed away by floods caused by heavy rains. The stadium was rebuilt following this incident and named Shahbaz Stadium.[2]

6. Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex Bahawalpur Features7.Sh

Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex, Bahawalpur
Comments: Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex, Bahawalpur is a new sports complex in Bahawalpur District. The Sports Complex is a multi-use structure that will be able to meet all the requirements of sportsmen and women from all walks of life. The Sports Complex has great significance for the province. It will provide the facility for organizing major sports events, tournaments, and other events in it. The complex is owned by Punjab Government and built by the Punjab Government with financial assistance from international donors.

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