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running meme, These days it is all about verification. How do we verify the real world? What if we are able to verify entities and services with something trivial that lies within our everyday life. Say we take a ride and the driver is using the voice of a speaker to drive. According to Uber’s case study, it wants to be able to provide a voice interface to run on the car without having to have the car drive itself. Whether or not they successfully make it to that point is another story. However, there is an entirely different company that is taking the problem and making something that becomes possible. The company is VoicePal.

Last year, they announced a new name and raised $2 million to further research on voice interfaces. Regardless of whether you are operating on the off chance that you don’t care for their name and are outright negative about their idea, they are moving forward and now have the #1 ranked voice recognition app on the iTunes store which is the result of their effort. The interesting thing about this company is a large amount of funding. The company that’s coming out of the gate on top of the voice recognition world sounds much more intriguing. Below are a few reasons why that might be.

1. Large amounts of funding

The total amount raised on this company has been far greater than $1 million. That’s not much. However, this massive amount of funding goes beyond what’s needed to market the product, research the product, and convince the consumers that this company offers them better than other products out there. When you realize that there’s so much money being put towards research like this you can’t help but assume something’s quite special about it.

2. Limited amount of funds in the research and development

The amount of funds in the research and development is significant. That level of funds allows the product to break through the vicious cycle of the third company and become one of the leading contenders for voice recognition. Allowing them to grow exponentially faster than their competition.

3. A unique approach to customer satisfaction

When you work with customers as closely as they would be working at almost any other company, you can have a clearer understanding of their needs. When you can understand their needs and needs better than any other

running meme

company within the voice recognition market, the product is more likely to be complete and produce positive results for all involved. It’s that thought that allows you to take that information, learn, and become a more effective company. In the current state, where no one else can really be good at the job of detecting the voice of a speaker, the number of things you can do within your area of expertise, but not have to go through numerous steps. When you can know exactly what your user wants, the product will produce more accurate results as a result.

4. Potential practicality

This industry has a lot of money to be made. Companies in the industry have found a number of ways to incorporate this technology into their business with little failure. Whether or not the voice recognition industry will be around in the future is yet to be seen. The ability to generate up to $700 billion in revenue within the next decade is something that sounds unbelievable.

The technology is on the wane, but at least the company is showing that the future is bright for voice recognition technology. To fully realize that vision, though, the industry will need a lot more resources and at the moment, it seems like the above data are at a very achievable level.

For more info about VoicePal, you can head over to their website where you can also find out more about their other products. One cannot really go wrong by looking at these two products together because they have very similar uses in areas such as personalized audio experiences. We’ll have to wait and see if they have the answer or not.

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