Pere Guardiola: Complete Biography (Wiki & Facts)

Pere Guardiola

Pere Guardiola: Pere Guardiola is the big name sibling of a Spanish expert football director and a previous player named Pep Guardiola and child of Dolores Sala Carrion and Valente Guardiola. 

He functions as a football specialist and is exceptionally fruitful in his field of work. 

Wiki & Facts about Pere Guardiola


Full Name Pere Guardiola
First Name Pere
Last Name Guardiola
Profession Celebrity Brother
Nationality Spanish

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  • Marriage: 
  • How they met: 
  • Going with spouse: 
  • The wedding: 
  • Youngsters: 
  • Nonbeliever: 
  • Pere’s customers: 
  • Total assets: 
  • Age

 Pere Guardiola with his sibling Pep Guardiola. Source: Instagram 

  • Enthusiasm is an exceptionally fruitful and gifted individual. He is a major name in the field of football. 
  • He is one of the most mind-blowing football directors, and he was likewise a previous football player. 
  • Thair is as of now the supervisor of Premier League club Manchester City. 
  • He has the record for the most sequential association matches dominated in all significant associations like La Liga, the Bundesliga, and the Premier League. 
  • They initially began his excursion in football in 1984 and has not thought back from that point forward. 
  • He has procured an excellent name for himself. 


There is no data about Pere’s significant other and kids yet. His family has an exceptionally low profile life. 

Enthusiasm is hitched to Cristina Serra, who functions as a columnist, essayist, and Spanish fashionista. 

They have been hitched for seven years at this point.

There traded promises in 2014 in the wake of dating for quite a while. 

They got hitched in the wake of dating for a long time. 

Several likes to hush up about their own life and effectively keep a position of a safe life. 

Pere Guardiola


How they met: 

Kick and Cristina met each other interestingly when they were as yet youthful. 

The two of them were in their high school a very long time at their first gathering. 

They met at a very good quality design store that Cristina’s folks claimed. 

Enthusiasm was there for fill-in as’

he was a model for a fashioner named Antonio Miro, 

Cristina additionally ended up displaying for a similar architect. 

The two turned out to be close and became hopelessly enamored with one another from that point forward. They are together since their initially meet. 

Pere Guardiola sibling Pep Guardiola and sister-in-law Cristina Serra. 

Pere Guardiola sibling Pep Guardiola and sister-in-law Cristina Serra. Source: YouTube 

Going with spouse: 

Cristina began to work at her parent’s design store at a youthful age and was encircled by style and patterns for nearly her entire life. 

She used to work there until she went gaga for Pep and began to venture to the far corners of the planet with Pep. 

The wedding: 

The couple had an extremely basic wedding with their children and close loved ones. 

They set the clothing standard to relaxed, and everybody on their enormous day was wearing an exceptionally ordinary way. Cristina didn’t wear a conventional wedding dress like a lady of the hour. 


There is no accessible data about the offspring of Pere. 

Pete has three kids with his better half, Cristina, named Maria Guardiola, Marius Guardiola, and Valentina Guardiola. 

The family live respectively and have an extremely impressive association with one another. 

Pere Guardiola’s sibling Pep Guardiola with his family. 

Pere Guardiola’s sibling Pep Guardiola with his family. Source: YouTube 



Enthusiasm depicts himself as a skeptic as he doesn’t have faith in God and supernatural occurrences; all things being equal, he puts stock in trying sincerely and devotion. 

Pere Guardiola

Pere’s customers: 

Pere has worked with the best football players ever, like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. 

His most popular customer with whom he is working is Barcelona striker Luis Suarez who has purchased Pere, significantly more, nearer to progress.

Pere might not have arrived at the tallness of achievement his sibling Pep has reached,

yet he is definitely coming. 

Total assets: 

The specific total assets of Pere aren’t known at this point, however, we can say that he makes an awesome fortune. 

Energy has total assets of $40 million. 

Income Source :

$40 million Football supervisor, the previous football player, demonstrating 


The specific time of Pere isn’t referred to, yet as he is more youthful than Pep, he should be under 50 years of age as Pep is at present 50 years of age. The energy was brought into the world on January 18, 1971.

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