Monster Hunter World Modifiers

Monster Hunter World Modifiers

Harm Calculation

Harm Type
Cutting off
Natural and Abnormal Status
Strange Status Attack
Factors for Damage Calculation
Assault Value
Movement Value
Sharpness Gauge and Consumption
Weapon Adjustment
Sharpness Adjustment
Basic Hit
Beast Hitzone
Natural Value
Natural Crit Skill Adjustment
Shot Adjustment
Basic Distance
Fast Fire Adjustment
Fixed Damage

Harm Type

Whenever assaults strike a beast, two sorts of harm are managed: Physical (Raw) harm, and Elemental harm (however provided that the weapon has an Elemental trait).

A few weapons have an unusual status quality rather than an Elemental characteristic. These weapons will Physical harm and apply Status harm.

Monster Hunter World Modifiers

Actual harm incorporates Severing-type harm, Blunt-type harm, and Projectile-type harm. Natural harm incorporates Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, and dragons. There are additionally different wellsprings of harm, for example, Fixed harm and Status harm. All harm types are managed autonomously from one another.

Cutting off

Cutting off (at times known as Cutting) harm is the essential harm type for the accompanying weapons:

Incredible Sword
Long Sword
Sword and Shield
Double Blades
Switch Ax
Charge Blade
Bug Glaive
The accompanying assaults additionally bargain Severing harm:

Hunting Horn’s Handle Poke
Bow’s Melee Attack bargains Severing harm
Some Kinsects bargain Severing harm
Cutting fired from Bowguns
Tails must be cut by Severing harm. This happens while adequate Severing harm has been aggregated on the tail, which then cuts off it.


Obtuse harm is the essential harm type for the accompanying weapons:

Hunting Horn
The accompanying assaults likewise bargain Blunt harm:

Sword and Shield’s safeguard arranged assaults
Sword/Shield Combo
Safeguard Attack
Safeguard Bash
Hard Bash
Falling Bash
Spear’s Shield Attack
Kinects with Blunt property
Obtuse weapons bargain Exhaust status when they hit a beast. On the off chance that they hit a beast’s head, they bargain Stun harm.

Monster Hunter World Modifiers


Shot harm is the essential harm type for the accompanying weapons:

Light Bowgun
Weighty Bowgun
Gunlance’s Shelling assaults bargain Fixed harm rather than Projectile harm.

Essential Attributes:

Winged serpent
Blademaster weapons can have an Elemental quality, a Status property, or not one or the other. A few Dual Blades have two Elemental/Status ascribes, one for every sharp edge.

The Bow might have an Elemental characteristic. The Bowguns don’t have regular Elemental characteristics, however, they can stack Elemental shots that really capacity as managing Elemental harm when it hits a beast.

Natural harm is principally impacted by the weapon’s Elemental worth and the beast’s Elemental Hitzone. Unusual Status harm isn’t impacted by the beast’s Physical or Elemental Hitzone values. Blademaster weapons have a 1-in-3 possibility for every hit to apply Abnormal Status harm, while Gunner weapons generally apply Abnormal Status harm.

On the off chance that a beast has no shortcoming to a particular component on their Hitzone, then no Elemental harm is managed. The Physical harm done by the weapon isn’t impacted, as Elemental and Physical harm is determined independently.

Status Attacks

Unusual Status credits:

Loss of motion
Blademaster weapons can have an Abnormal Status characteristic rather than an Elemental property. Bows can’t have a characteristic Status property, yet may prepare Status Coatings to cause terminated bolts to apply Status harm. Preparing Status Coatings will incapacitate the Bow’s Elemental characteristic briefly. The Bowguns don’t have regular Abnormal Status credits, however, can stack Status shots that apply Abnormal Status harm.

For Blademaster weapons, each time an assault handles, the assault has a 1-in-3 possibility of applyingAbnormal Status harm. For Gunner weapons, an effective hit will continuously apply Abnormal Status harm.

Applying Abnormal Status harm to a beast doesn’t right away initiate its impact. All things being equal, beasts have an inborn resilience to Status Ailments. To set off a Status Ailment, enough Status harm should be managed by a beast to beat its resistance edge. When a beast is affiliated with the Ailment, the collected Status harm is reset to 0 and extra Status harm can’t be managed until the beast recuperates. The main exemption for this is Poison.

After the beast recuperates, its resilience limit for the Ailment increments. This implies it takes more Status harm should be amassed prior to having the option to cause the beast with a similar Ailment.

For all Ailments (aside from Blast), the aggregated Status harm vanishes slowly because of the beast’s resiliences. Conquering this steady rot is important to set off a Status Ailment on a beast effectively.

Icon Status Effect(s)

Poison Slowly channel the beast’s wellbeing
Paralysis Temporarily immobilizes the beast and makes it take somewhat more harm
Sleep Put the beast to rest
Stun/KO the beast, which overturns and immobilizes it
Exhausted Drain the beast’s endurance, making it tired
Blast Triggers a blast on a particular beast part, which arrangements harm

Factors for Damage Calculation
The accompanying elements impact harm computations:

BM = Blademaster

Factor BM (Physical) BM (Elemental) Bowgun (Physical) Bowgun (Elemental)
Assault Value O O O O
Movement Value O O
Sharpness O O
Weapon Adjustment O O O O
Sharpness Adjustment O
Basic Hit O O
Beast Hitzone O O O O
Natural Value O O
Shot Adjustment O
Basic Distance O
Fast Fire Adjustment O O

Assault Value

The Attack worth of the Hunter is determined by Hunter’s prepared weapon, hostile lifts (for example being in DB’s Archdemon Mode or having a HH assault buff), prepared abilities, things, and Food abilities. Whenever harm is determined, just True qualities are utilized, and the Displayed Attack esteem is changed somewhere around the Display Multiplier.

Movement Values
All weapon assaults have a Motion Value (MV), which figures out what extent of the Attack esteem is utilized in harm estimations. For instance, a more fragile move with 40 MV involves applying 40% of the Attack Value in ascertaining harm, while a more grounded move with 80 MV applies 80% of the Attack Value in computing harm.

As a rule, slow weapons compensate for their slower goes after with bigger MVs, and quick weapons compensate for their quicker goes after with more modest MVs.


Sharpness depicts how sharp a weapon is. More keen weapons bargain more harm and are less inclined to bob while hitting extreme body parts.

Monster Hunter World Modifiers

Weapon Sharpness is parted into discrete varieties (see beneath). Various varieties give various multipliers to the harm managed by the player.

Sharpness Icon Physical Elemental
Red x0.50 x0.25
Orange x0.75 x0.50
Yellow x1.00 x0.75
Green x1.05 x1.00
Blue x1.20 x1.0625
White x1.32 x1.125
Notwithstanding lower harm, more vulnerable Sharpness colors make a few weapons lose usefulness. For instance, at Orange Sharpness, the Gunlance’s shells will bargain less harm, the Switch Ax might skip while in Sword mode, and the Dual Blades won’t finish its full Blade Dance movement. At Red Sharpness, the Gunlance can’t shell.

Sharpness Gauge and Consumption

Every weapon can make a particular measure of hits in a particular sharp tone before it dulls and the sharpness tone is brought down. Sharpness is consumed when a player handles an assault, however, some safeguard assaults from the SnS and Lance don’t exhaust Sharpness.

Albeit most goes after drain Sharpness by one for every hit, a few weapons have assaults that exhaust Sharpness quicker:

Attack Sharpness Cost
Typical Attacks Landing 1
Typical Attacks Bounced 2
Watching with GS or CB*, little knockback 1**
Watching with GS or CB*, medium knockback 2**
Watching with GS or CB*, huge knockback 10**
Gunlance Shell, Normal 2
Gunlance Shell, Long 2
Gunlance Shell, Spread 3
Gunlance’s Wyvern Fire 10
Gunlance’s Burst Fire Shell Count x Shell Cost
*Accuse Blade of Elemental Boost doesn’t lose Sharpness while watching. ** Doesn’t lose sharpness while obstructing thunders, wind tension, or quakes.

Sharpness can be reestablished by honing the weapon with a Whetstone.

Weapon Adjustment

Certain assaults have inborn harm rewards:

Weapon Attack Name Physical Bonus Elemental Bonus
and Charged Slash +XXL
Double Blades Demon Mode +M
Double Blades When both sharp edges strike at the equivalent time -L
Extraordinary Sword Charged Slash Lv1 +S
Extraordinary Sword Charged Slash Lv2 +M
Extraordinary Sword Charged Slash Lv3 +XL
Extraordinary Sword Strong Charged Slash Lv1 +XXL
Extraordinary Sword Strong Charged Slash Lv2 +XXL
Extraordinary Sword Strong Charged Slash Lv3 +XXL
Long Sword White Spirit Gauge +XS
Long Sword Yellow Spirit Gauge +S
Long Sword Red Spirit Gauge +M
Lance Dash Attack -XXL
Gunlance Charged Shot (Normal/Long) +M
Gunlance Charged Shot (Spread) +XL
Gunlance Burst Fire (Normal) +S
Gunlance Burst Fire (Spread) -S
Gunlance Wyvern Fire (Long) +M
Switch Axe Power Phial +M
Switch Axe Elemental Phial +L
Charge Blade Elemental Phial +XXL
Charge Blade Elemental Boost (Ax Mode) +M
Bug Glaive Red+White +M
Bug Glaive Red+White+Orange +M
Bow Power Phial +XL
Bow Elemental Phial +XL
Bow Melee Attack -XXL
Bow Charge Lv 1 -XXL -L
Bow Charge Lv 2 -M
Bow Charge Lv 3 +XL
Bow Charge Lv 4 +XXL +M
Bow Arc Shot -L -L
Bowgun Normal +L

Sharpness Adjustment

A few maneuvers alter Sharpness, which influences both harm yield and the likelihood to skip.

Weapon Condition Sharpness Adjustment

Blademaster weapon Yellow Sharpness. Toward the beginning of the weapon swing -XL
Blademaster weapon Yellow Sharpness. Toward the finish of the weapon swing -L
All Melee Attack Have the buff from Demon shot +S
Sword and Shield All Attack +XS
Extraordinary Sword All Charged Attack, Lv 1 +S
Extraordinary Sword All Charged Attack, Lv 2 +M
Extraordinary Sword All Charged Attack, Lv 3 +L
Extraordinary Sword Hit with the center of the blade +XS
Long Sword Max Spirit Gauge +S
Long Sword Hit with the center of the blade +XS
Lance* Damage in view of Blunt Hitzone -L
Bow Melee Attack with Close Range Coating + L
* Spear/Hitzone Selection


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