The use of firearms has been around for a long time. People have always used them to kill other people, but only recently did the technology and laws change so that guns could be used in self-defense. I believe that just like any other weapon, a firearm can be used for good or evil. It depends on the person using it, their intentions, and the circumstances of use. We have to be aware of what we are doing and do everything in our power to not put others at risk.

When someone uses a firearm, it is far better to use a non-fatal, non-injurious weapon such as pepper spray or a Taser than to confront someone with a gun. Even then, if there are children nearby I would still recommend using my pepper spray because of the risk to their safety. If someone is in a position to hurt you and wants to do so, it is much less likely that they will use a firearm. An estimated 68% of self-defense shootings are the result of an individual being attacked or threatened with a weapon (like knives or guns). An estimated 12% of all violent crimes occur in the home and another 15- 20% occur on the street. Of course, in both of these scenarios, we are talking about people who would be unlikely to use a gun at all and only have long knives or other weapons for self-protection.

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The barrel is the part of a firearm that stores the bullet and is used for loading the firearm. A gun barrel has two parts, a chamber or barrel, and a bore or neck. The chamber is lined with metal to provide a smooth surface for the bullet to be in contact with as it travels down the barrel. The bore (or neck) has an opening in it where the bullet leaves so that it may be pushed back into the chamber upon firing. Tunneling is the process of shooting a projectile through a barrel and creating an air/CPU-vacuum seal around the outside of the barrel. The projectile exits from either end of the barrel so that when it fires, it will travel in both directions and exit at once. A conventional firearm is loaded from the muzzle, through the barrel, and into the chamber of the gun. The bullet is then pushed back into place so that it can travel down its path. A gunsmith will remove a malfunctioning or damaged barrel to replace it with a new one; this is done in order to fix any damage or breakage which may have occurred to it during shooting.


The magazine of a gun is a container for ammunition, and it is essential to keep the magazine clean. Keeping the gun clean, helps in cleaning its ammunition easily and effectively. Cleaning the magazine also helps in avoiding possible malfunctions of the gun.


The hand guard of a gun is a piece of metal that holds the barrel. The trigger is the mechanism that fires the bullet and it’s located on top of the gun.

These parts work together to fire a bullet out of a gun. Any fault in it will cause a malfunctioning gun and will result in not firing.


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