Best White Gaming Setup for Pc 2022

White Gaming Setup

white Gaming setup aesthetics with some pink, and the only reason I decided to choose white aesthetics is to fit my entire room, so I have a lot of questions about my specifications from my computer, but the problem with my computer is that some parts are not as great as it was originally a reboot.

But I worked overtime so in my case the fractal design definitr5 game case is in white Gaming setup and the great thing about this case is that the processor is pretty quiet on the i7 8700kmy motherboard the mist z390a prom graphics card is a get 1060 and the source I have 16 gigabytes two eight gigabytes of corsair vengeance ddr4 ram and everything else I don’t really recommend so I won’t go into it and the account I have on my computer is ikaite from the Alex account and white and it just gives me a little extra space to I can put things that don’t really fit in my desktop drawer.

Next up I have a monitor and what I have is an ASUS eye care monitor and white monitors are sometimes pretty hard to find, but I’ve seen technical discussions where people just buy an average game monitor and just paint the framework to suit their aesthetics, and I really want to do this but I agreed with these a few years ago and the monitors are on these monitor jacks and I made a video of it on the ticktacks but I really like the monitor stands because it can really help save space and if I need more desktop space a to learn, I put my keyboard under it when I’m not using my laptop. put this under the other too, and I highly recommend the monitor stand to those who don’t have a lot of space on their desk, and the glass is good for those who have an RGB lamp, because that way the light shines through my monitor stand much better.

White Gaming Setup

Pink and white gaming set up pc

I also have some decorations on one side, I keep these glass cherry blossoms, which are actually wand holders I got from umami, and on the other side, this cherry blossom is a keychain and fun fact that they also match the cord on my keychain, yes, this is that when I switch to my keyboard, I have the razer black widow chrome mercury edition and this keyboard has razer green switches that give that click sound and for chroma all my devices are currently set to do so. it’s a really pale pink, almost white color, and unfortunately this model isn’t really available in the razor shop anymore, but sometimes it’s still sold on amazon, and my keyboard also has a custom button cap I made myself, and it took me a few unsuccessful attempts to I made this too.

I have the cinnamon roll cable protector on my keyboard and I only use it as a decoration on my keyboard but you can also use it on your charger to protect them from wear and I got it from Ali Express and it was very cheap and in the next step I have a mouse and this razor spearhead race edition in mercury white with six buttons on the side and two in the middle The size of this mouse fits my little hands perfectly because I tried other toy mice and I felt they were always too big to have this one after that mouse pad and what I have and it can be found on amazon or on the website. the habit site and this mouse pad were much cheaper than the other white rob mouse pads and there are 14 different lighting modes that you can change with the side button and I get a lot of questions if my setup or mouse pad gets dirty and my answer is honestly,

White Gaming Setup

I eat quite often at my setup, but make sure I avoid eating right at the top of the setup, so yes, this is my tip for you if you ever want to keep septuple clean and use it on my headphones, for me the razor it has an old version. The kraken headsets have rob on the side, but someone antiknock mentioned that in newer versions it is no longer, but it is adjustable and the microphone also retracts and I hold it in a headset holder and this schtick in white Gaming setup is a magnet that allows it to record for the front or side panels, if there is metal and you can wrap the cable around to help with cable management, and if you have longer cables, you can still pull them out so you can find more cable lengths, but yes, that’s good for them. who don’t have much space on their desk for headphones and go to my webcam, I have a The Logitech c920 and you guys have probably heard a lot about this webcam, but I highly recommend that it also has a privacy shutter, which is also great if moves on to this corner of the camera?

This will probably be your favorite decoration corner. I have this eucalyptus branch with a little of my favorite flowers and I put it in a glass bottle that came with the drink and then I will have an echo show too, and this is by far one of my favorite things to do with its touch screen display and voice control.

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