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All About Sprung Gym Flooring

Sprung gym flooring is shock-absorbing and ideal for high-impact workouts. Its firm top surface and underlay make it firm under heavy weights and repeated impacts without deforming. Typically, it is made from EPDM rubber. It will have a rubber underlay as well as a top surface. There are two main types of sprung floors: rubber matting and rubber tiles. Rubber matting is ideal for large spaces and is thinner than tiles. Tiles are better suited for free-weight zones.

It is used in gymnastics

Gym floors that are sprung are more pliable and give gymnasts more height and bounce when performing their various skills. A sprung floor is ideal for gymnastics because it helps gymnasts avoid injuries related to lower extremity joint injuries. Sprung floors are also used in cheerleading.

Sprung gym flooring is available in many different materials. The most common is Carpet Bonded Foam, which is remarkably durable and available in nine colors. It is also the most popular spring floor covering in the US today. It is usually one 3/8″ thick, although there are also 3/4″ and 2″ thick versions available.

It is used in cheerleading

Sprung gym flooring is a popular option for cheerleading gyms, and it’s used for several reasons. Besides adding bounce and cushioning to the floor, spring floors are safer than regular gym floors. These floors are made with a layer of foam, which is held in place by Velcro strips. The cheerleading floor is a designated area where cheerleaders can perform their skills.

Cheerleading is a popular form of physical exercise that can be as simple as chanting slogans, to more physical exercises. Its goal is to motivate a sports team and entertain the crowd. Typically, cheerleading routines last one to three minutes and involve tumbling, jumping, and cheers. Sprung gym flooring allows cheerleaders to practice their skills safely and improve their strength.

It is used in dance studios

Dance studios need sprung gym flooring that provides traction and a soft, cushioned feel. The floor should also be able to absorb shock. When the floor is too slippery, a dancer can get injured. A twisted ankle is one of the most common injuries, and it can keep a dancer out of class for weeks or months. This is why you should spend time researching the slip resistance of different types of dance flooring before choosing the type you want.

A sprung gym floor is ideal for dance studios and is often referred to as a Floating Dance Floor (FDF). Not only does it make dance classes more comfortable, but it can also reduce injuries. The original floor of any building is usually concrete. A dance floor needs to be safe and comfortable for dancers, as these hard surfaces place stress on the muscles and bones, causing serious injuries.

It is used in commercial gyms

Sprung gym flooring is typically made of rubber. It is suitable for use in both wet and dry areas. It also provides excellent grip during an active training session. Unlike wood, rubber provides a non-reflective and slip-resistant surface. Moreover, rubber is durable and can withstand heavy weights and abrasion.

Rubber flooring is a durable choice for commercial gyms. This type of flooring can last for 10 years or more and requires little maintenance. It is resistant to most stains and is relatively easy to install without the assistance of a professional. The best thing about rubber flooring is that it is recyclable and can be easily cleaned. Moreover, many rolls of rubber flooring are made in the USA and are Floor Score certified.

It is easy to install

Sprung gym flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to install. It is also very durable and will stand up to years of use. To install your gym flooring, follow these simple steps: begin in one corner and work outward. Then snap the tiles together using the pegs that snap into the loops. If your tiles are raised, you may also need to use ramped border strips to secure them.

Sprung gym flooring is also very affordable. You can buy recycled or virgin rubber and choose from a variety of colors. You can also choose from tile or rollout rubber. Both of these types of flooring are easy to install and come with an easy-to-use adhesive.

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